A downloadable game for Windows

R-LIB is a coop-puzzle game made for brackeys game jam #2

The theme was  "Love is blind", so we decided to represent this theme by making our players field of view reduced propotionally by the distance between the two beloved robots.

The 2 players play on the same keyboard, one with WASD, and the other with the directional arrows.

Hope you will have fun with our game


Graphics : Jules Klein as "Reborn_FLD"

Game Design : Jules Klein and Raphael Vignon as "Raoph"

Programming : Jules Klein and Raphael Vignon

Audio : Raphael Vignon


Install instructions

unzip the file, and execute "BRACKEY'S JAM PR DE VRAI.exe"


RLIB.rar 41 MB


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My win rar was came up damaged.

Unique 3D game in this jam. Like your art style perhaps using post processing. I like it. I don't know how to turn on the audio. But thats not necessary. The level design are great and insert puzzle element inside here. I love it